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Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Newborn lifestyle photography love! Especially when the backdrop styling is totally on point (good job Mumma). Explore what lifestyle photography means through these images...

I had actually went to primary school with these awesome (and trendy) parents, so I was pretty happy that I was able to be a part of documenting their next chapter - their second baby boy. The lifestyle session really suited them and we were able to capture some super special moments.

The older brother was quite entertaining during this shoot and soon became my little buddy. Hew wanted to show me his collection of toys and watch toy story with him (great choice of movie BTW). Him being comfortable with me there allowed me to capture raw emotion of being a big brother.

Lifestyle sessions are a lot shorter than a studio newborn session which I find works well when there are siblings involved. We move throughout your home and we try to act as if I am not there and you are in real time moments. I give a little guidance when needed, e.g. where the best lighting is, but I just try to get you to relax and be in the moments with your new addition.

Talk to, breathe in and enjoy your baby...

In your lifestyle session I give you little prompts like 'smell that new baby smell', 'tell your baby your thoughts when you first saw their face'....or to the partner 'how has becoming a parent changed your view of your partner?'. These sessions are meant to bring out raw moments and capture for you the moments you want to stay in forever.

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